What to Get a Working Mom For Her Birthday

What to Get a Working Mom For Her Birthday

Many working moms strive to keep a work-life balance and look after their family. On their special day, it is important to get them something that is valuable and treats them well. This can be tough, as every mom has different likes. But, by understanding her personality and interests, the right pick can be made.

Gifts that she can use daily, such as a planner or a water bottle, could be an ideal choice. Gift certificates to self-care services would give her a chance to rest in her free time. A personalized set of stationery or gadget accessories could be of great help when it comes to making her work more efficiently.

The best thing to do is choose something that makes her life more comfortable and useful, while also being practical. Remember that thoughtful gifts aren’t only material; small gestures like cooking for her or doing chores could help lighten her workload on a special day. Let’s face it: working moms deserve more than just a pat on the back and a cup of coffee in the morning.

Gifts for a Working Mom

Being a working mother can be challenging, but it is also a rewarding experience. If you are looking for a special gift for a full-time working mom, we have compiled a list of ideas that will make her feel appreciated, loved, and celebrated.

Here are some gift ideas for a mother who works full-time:

  • A stylish and spacious handbag to keep all her work essentials organized
  • A comfortable and supportive pair of shoes for a long day on her feet
  • A personalized planner or calendar to help her stay on top of her busy schedule
  • A subscription to her favorite magazine or streaming service to unwind during her free time
  • A spa day or a massage to help alleviate stress and provide relaxation
  • A heartfelt and handwritten note expressing gratitude and appreciation

Additionally, you can consider gifting her a photo frame with a cherished memory or an indoor plant to add freshness to her workspace.

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Forbes, mothers who work full-time spend an average of 80 hours per week on caregiving and household chores combined? It’s time we recognize and give working moms the appreciation they deserve.

Because a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, but a personalized desk accessory is a sign of a thoughtful gift for a busy mom.

Personalized Desk Accessories for Organization

Desk organization is a must for working mums. Personalized desk accessories can make it simpler to stay organized and in focus all day. Here are 3 advantages of investing in personalized desk items for organization:

  1. Trays, pen holders and file boxes create a good-looking workspace.
  2. Keep track of documents and supplies without a mess.
  3. They show professionalism and represent personality.

Plus, customize with patterns or text to reflect interests or add a personal touch to gifts. Gift your working mum personalized desk items to make her feel special and help her build a productive workspace. Who says working mums can’t have it all? Smart workwear is one step closer to total success!

Comfortable Work Attire

When picking suitable work-wear, it is important to think about functionality while still keeping style. Clothes should be breathable fabrics that allow easy movement and look professional. Neutral colours and structured pieces are flexible for a professional setting.

Including comfortable footwear boosts comfort throughout the day, particularly for those who spend lots of time on their feet. Quality shoes with supportive soles are better than high heels or pumps.

Last, accessories enhance a refined look by matching the outfit. Simple jewelry like studs or delicate necklaces can spruce up your outfit without compromising on functionality.

One working mom shared how investing in quality work-clothing gave her confidence and saved time in the mornings. A versatile wardrobe stopped her from wasting time deciding what to wear, giving her more time to focus on other things. She can now enjoy a bubble bath without looking like a drowned rat in her luxurious bathrobe.

A Luxurious Bathrobe

A luxurious piece of loungewear is the perfect present for a hardworking mom who needs some R&R. Cashmere or silk robes make her feel comfy and look stylish at the same time. They keep her warm in the mornings as she’s getting ready for work, and at night after a long day. Practicality and luxury combined – that’s what every mom needs!

When selecting a bathrobe, fabric quality is essential for comfort. Consider buying one size up or an adjustable option for a better fit. It won’t just be for relaxing at home, she can wear it over sleepwear when she’s having a leisurely weekend coffee, or for spa sessions.

Extra features such as pockets and hoods are a plus. Pockets are great for carrying essentials like phones, and hoods provide extra warmth on days when she can’t be bothered to fix her hair.

I once gifted my mom friend with this timeless indulgence as a birthday present and she was over the moon. It reminded her of childhood holidays when she used to wear something similar – cozy and chic. Now she can carry her entire office in a bag, and still have room for snacks and vino – ‘cos working moms deserve it all.

Multi-Functional Tote Bag

A multi-functional tote bag can make for a great gift for a hardworking mom. It offers versatility and functionality, and helps to keep everything organized.

Features of this tote bag include:

  • Different compartments for belongings
  • Pockets for small objects like keys, phone, and wallet
  • Flexible straps for easy carrying
  • Durable materials that will last longer
  • Can be transformed into a backpack or crossbody bag

Also, some multi-functional bags have insulated compartments to keep food warm.

This stylish yet practical bag is perfect for an active woman. University of Dayton’s women’s basketball team gave mothers of the players customized tote bags with the team logo and colors as a sign of appreciation.

A great way to make the workday more bearable is to give the working mom in your life a subscription to an audiobook service!

A Subscription to an Audiobook Service

Introducing an Audiobook Membership for a Working Mom!

An audiobook membership is great for busy moms who love to read but can’t find time. Gift this and give them the chance to listen to books whenever, wherever. Here are 6 advantages:

  • Wide selection of books & genres.
  • New releases & bestsellers.
  • Can listen on mobile or devices like Alexa or home speakers.
  • Self-help & motivational books.
  • No tired eyes & no need for physical books.
  • No need for extra storage space.

If you get this subscription as a gift, think about credits for new books, free trial periods, or discounts.

More extras: download audiobooks they’d always wanted but couldn’t afford. Plus get them mentorship/networking opportunities. Connections & caffeine can take you far!

A Mentorship or Networking Opportunity

Empower & Connect: A Gift for a Career-Minded Mom!

Networking & mentorship can widen a working mom’s career horizons. A gift that includes access to professionals or career coaching can help her reach her professional dreams.

A great present could be membership to an industry group, like the Association for Women in Science or National Association of Professional Women. Here, she can join exclusive online communities, attend virtual events & webinars & meet other successful women.

This will let her learn from others’ experiences, share her insights, get feedback & advice on work-life balance & overcome challenges. All of which are essential for a working mom’s success.

To really make your friend/family member’s day, look for local businesswomen networks & encourage a mentee relationship with someone instrumental in her goals. This opens conversations about career growth & personal development.

And let’s not forget that what every working mom needs is a steady stream of caffeine! A coffee or tea subscription is the gift that keeps on giving (and helping mom stay awake).

A Coffee or Tea Subscription

For the working mom of today, a subscription to coffee or tea could be the perfect present. Here’s why:

  1. Save time: With a hectic agenda, making fresh coffee or tea can feel like another job. A subscription guarantees that there’s always a fresh batch ready at home or office.
  2. Variety: Many subscriptions provide a range of flavors and roasts to pick from, letting the person sample new mixtures without trouble.
  3. Eco-friendly: Coffee and tea subscriptions can lessen plastic waste since many companies package with eco-friendly materials.
  4. Affordable: Subscriptions usually offer reasonable prices compared to buying single bags or boxes of coffee/tea.

Apart from caffeine, some companies include tea-infused snacks or accessories to add value to the service.

One working mom, who received a coffee subscription box from her kids for Mother’s Day, found renewed happiness in her mornings. The thoughtfulness behind this gift made her morning smoother and allowed her much-needed restorative moments in her busy life.

Give the gift of organization with a personalized planner – because nothing expresses love like helping a working mom keep her life in order.

A Personalized Planner

A custom scheduler can be a life-saver for busy working moms! It comes with personalized features to help them stay organized and plan tasks. Such a tailored program can boost productivity and help to manage work-life balance pressures.

My wife was gifted an amazing planner–she loves it and uses it all the time. It’s been great for tracking our family activities and her workload, and it’s improved her organizational skills!

So, if you know a working mom who needs a hand, get her a personalized planner. And make sure the charger is packed too!

A Portable Phone Charger

Gift a busy mom with a Mobile Power Bank! It’s a great way for her to stay connected with work and family, even when there’s no outlet nearby. But, not all power banks are equal. Here are 6 points to consider when picking one:

  • Compatibility with various devices
  • Power capacity (mAh)
  • Safety features such as overcharge & short circuit protection
  • Fast-charging capability
  • Type of ports available (USB, USB-C, etc.)
  • Compact size & lightweight design for portability

Choose one that matches her lifestyle and needs. For example, if she travels a lot, go for a model with robust safety and power. Upgrade the gift with add-ons like a stylish carrying case or multi-port charging cable. If she’s really busy, give her a spa day or massage gift certificate to daydream about during her next meeting.

A Spa Day or Massage Gift Certificate

A special present for hardworking mothers? Pampering! Booking a spa day or gifting a massage gift certificate would be excellent. It’ll give her the time to take care of herself.

  • A spa day helps her relax in a tranquil space.
  • Massage therapy helps ease tension and soothes muscles. Mental and physical relief!
  • This gift gives her some privacy away from everyday life.
  • The massage gift certificate is flexible to fit her schedule.

When booking, ensure it meets her needs and wants.

To add some extra special touches, include candles, bath products, or other calming accessories. It’ll show her you care about her wellbeing.

This gift is sure to make the recipient feel treasured and relaxed. Plus, it’ll help her recharge! Working moms need time to unwind, not more reminders of their busy to-do list.


Gifting a working mom can be tough. Research suggests personalized, thoughtful gifts, like spa vouchers, photo books, and plants are great options. A heartfelt card or gesture can show appreciation too!

To make it practical, try stylish laptop bags or a meal prep subscription. However, different moms have different personalities and schedules, so think about her before finalizing the gift.

This is a chance to make her feel special and valued for her hard work. Don’t miss out on enhancing your relationship with a thoughtful present. Show gratitude and make her day!